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About Coursebees

The best beauty training academy in India to learn beauty Skills. Coursebees is one of the leading and finest beauty training academies delivering the best quality training with top-notch makeup trainers from the beauty industry.

We provide quality training and promising careers to our students by leveraging technology and academic experience simultaneously. We have designed our handpicked courses easily accessible to benefit both fresher and working professionals.

Coursebees emphasizes skill-based training to support India’s youth in getting promising career opportunities and even running their own business.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to empower youth to

Learn, Earn & Grow

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich youth with advance skills to become better learners and earners.

Our Franchise Centre

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur in the World of Beauty

Our Franchisee Support

Coursebees Makeup Academy is your strategic partner in the beauty training industry. As a franchisee, you gain the exclusive right to our trusted brand name. We provide full support and expert guidance to establish and operate your training center, ensuring maximum profits with minimal investment.  Your success is our priority, and we’re here to make it happen.

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Marketing Support

Coursebees goes the extra mile in supporting your center’s marketing efforts. We offer professionally designed advertising materials, including banners, posters, and signboards, to enhance your offline visibility. Additionally, we provide marketing materials for online campaigns.

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Business development Support

Our experienced sales team also plays a vital role in assisting with target-setting and developing strategic plans for achieving these objectives through various coordinated marketing activities with our centers. At Coursebees, we’re committed to maximizing your center’s success through a unified and supportive approach.

Academic Support

Coursebees Makeup Academy prides itself on its exclusive, expert-developed course curriculum, guaranteeing students access to the latest techniques and methods in the beauty industry. We also offer ongoing academic delivery support to assist in maintaining the highest standards.

Hybrid Model

Coursebees proudly introduces a ground-breaking innovation to the beauty training industry in India – the Hybrid Model. We’re the pioneers in bringing this transformative approach to education, combining the best of both online and offline learning for an enriched student experience.

Placement Support

At Coursebees, our dedicated Team takes the lead in preparing our students for jobs in the beauty industry. Additionally, we empower our students to explore freelancing opportunities and support them in realizing their entrepreneurial dreams, including opening their own salons or Beauty Parlors.

Franchise Requirements

Our esteemed franchisees are expected to provide the physical space required to establish their center and make a dedicated investment in ensuring the success of their business partnership with us.

Space & Infrastructure

For the successful launch of the new education center, franchisees are required to own or lease a spacious facility, typically spanning 1200-1500 square feet of carpet area. A strategically central and easily accessible location is preferred. In addition, the franchisee is responsible for furnishing the space with the necessary furniture and related items.

Investment & Working Capital

The franchisee is expected to commit an estimated investment of Rs. 15-20 lakhs. Additionally, they will need to allocate working capital to cover daily administrative expenses, ensuring the smooth operation of the center.

Marketing efforts

Our esteemed business partners are responsible for investing in the promotion and marketing of the center and its comprehensive range of courses, targeting the city and its surrounding areas. This effort encompasses a diverse range of activities, including advertising through various media channels and the execution of local ground events and promotional campaigns.

Operational Oversight

The business partner assumes the pivotal role of overseeing the daily operations of the center, ensuring the seamless functioning and delivery of services. Outline the qualifications and prerequisites for potential franchisees. Be transparent about financial requirements, experience, and any other specific criteria.

Commitment to Quality

Franchisees must commit to upholding the high standards and quality of education and service associated with the Coursebees brand, fostering an environment that promotes excellence in beauty education and training.

Our Proud Partners

Mr. Amit Jain
Mrs. Rozy Yousof
Dr. Adesh Gangwar
Dr. Sneh Gangwar
Mr. Sanjay Ralhan

Unleash Your Inner Entrepreneur in the World of Beauty

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