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Who We Are ?

Who We Are?

CourseBess provides a world-class learning experience to help students learn necessary skills and attain jobs with a decent salary. We offer professional job-oriented courses through which students get hands-on experience and obtain in-depth knowledge about the industry.

At CourseBees, students get the opportunity to learn from the best trainers. Our instructors conduct live classes, workshops, doubt clearing sessions, weekly reviews & assessments, and provide recorded videos for revision. Moreover, students get recognized certificates after completion of a course that specifies their knowledge and skills.

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Seprator Image - CoruseBees
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Not Just Your Online Teaching Portal

Course Bees Emphasizes Skill-Based Training to Support India’s Youth in Getting Promising Career Opportunities and Even Run Their Own Business. In Today’s Digital Era, Skill Development Is Crucial to Gain the Best Job Opportunities and Be Future-Ready. Expanding Skill Sets Separates an Individual From the Crowd and Improves Your Employment Prospects.

Thus, We’ve Designed and Made Our Hand-Picked Courses Easily Accessible to Benefit Both Freshers Working Professionals. We Offer Precisely-Developed Skill Development Courses and World-Class Learning to Make Aspirants Competent for High-Paying Jobs as Well as Starting a Venture of Their Interest.

What We Offer?

CourseBees empowers students with the latest skills and in-depth knowledge they require to get jobs in fast-growing industries. When you complete a course at CourseBees, we ensure you learn skills to advance your career and get lucrative job opportunities.

We empower job-seekers and entrepreneurs to advance their careers and help them become independent. We guide and support students to start their own businesses and grow exponentially. Instructors at CourseBees ensure students are provided with support to make the profitable decision for their career advancement.

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Live Classes

Learn from home and feel like you are in the classroom itself
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Live Workshop

Multiple Live workshops will be conducted by Industry experts throughout the course
Recorded Videos Icon - CourseBees

Recorded Videos

After completion of the class recording of the class will be provided for revision
Doubt Clearing Session Icon - CourseBees

Doubt Clearing Session

Students can ask question and experts will reply. This session will be hosted multiple times during the course
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Best Trainers & Certification

Learn from the experts of the industry to get all the concepts clear and get certified
Weekly Review Assessment Icon - CourseBees

Weekly Review & Assessment

Review and assessment will be done on weekly basis to overcome difficulties if any
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Have a business idea? Desire to expand your business’s reach and drive growth? Connect with CourseBees now! Our trained instructors will help you resolve critical business challenges and accomplish business targets. We help you promote your new business and thrive swiftly. Leverage our expertise to connect and engage with the target audience.
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CourseBees bestows the most popular and sought-after online courses for skill development. We help enthusiastic learners, job-seekers, and aspiring entrepreneurs get qualified to accomplish their dream goals. Our premium courses are cost-effective and specially designed to upgrade your skills and take your career to new heights. Learn from our highly qualified instructors to get the best online learning experience and expand your skill set.
Get Trained & Kickstart Your Business!
Are you planning to start your own business? Opt for our skill-oriented online courses to obtain the knowledge required to operate and grow your business. Stop waiting! Take our personalized courses to learn from highly qualified teachers, gain in-depth knowledge, and transform your business idea into reality.

meet trainers

meet our trainers

Palak Rajchandani - Makeup Artist | CourseBees

Palak Rajchandani

Makeup Artist
Palak is an outgoing and creative makeup artist with a track record of success and client satisfaction in offering professional services. A certified makeup artist with a highly professional demeanour and excellent artistry expertise. Palak provides unparalleled attention to detail, outstanding communication skills, and the ability to execute well under pressure.
Vanalika - Brand Designer | CourseBees


Brand Designer
Vanalika, is a brand designer specialised in food & beverages from Florence (Italy) &Barcelona (Spain), wine sommelier from Bordeaux (France) and a successful owner of Velour- L’Atelier Chocolat, a handmade organic chocolate brand based in India. She aims to produce 100% organic chocolates and uses eco-friendly yet attractive packaging to support and promote organic eating habits and eco-friendly future to make sure the country enjoys the goodness of organic chocolates while contributing her bit to healthy lifestyle and global warming.



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